Captain William Fenner 1586

Letter of Reprisal

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flag england2About Captain William Fenner 1586
Letter of Reprisal authorizing William Fenner and Thomas Sturgis to capture any Spanish ship and the conditions set for the plunder to be disbursed and that the Lord Admiral is to get his “tenths”.

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Letters of Reprisal

Greetings, &c., &c.
The condition of this recognizance is such that, where William Fenner, gentleman, and Thomas Sturgis of Chichester, in the county of
Sussex, owner, are by virtue of a commission of reprisal obtained from the Lord Admirall, authorized to set forth unto the seas one shippe called the Galleon Fenner, of the port of Chichester, whereof he, the said William Fenner, goeth as captain, with men and ordinance and victuall sufficient for the same service, for the apprehending and taking whatsoever the shipps, goodes, and merchandises belonging to the subjects of the King of Spaine, as by the tenor of the said commission more at large appeareth.
If, therefore, the said Captain William Fenner, with his shippe and company do bring such shipps, goodes and merchandise, as they shall so take and apprehend to some port of this realm of England as shall be most convienent for them, and do not break bulk before the vice Admirall of the same port, or his deputy, and other public officers of the same port be made aquainted therewith, and also upon their said arrival do cause a just and perfect inventory of the said goodes so apprehended to be taken.
And a true appraisment thereof be made by some six honest men, inhabitants of the same port, and do return the said inventory and appraisement into the said high court of Admiraltie within six weeks then next after ensuing, and also do answer and pay, or cause to be answered and payed in the said high court of Admiraltie, to those of the said Lord Adimirall, the full tenth part of all such shipps, goodes, merchandise, and money as the said shippe and company shall take and apprehend at the seas by virtue of the said commission at the time of the exhibiting of the said inventory and appraisement as aforesaid.
And likewise do not attempt any thing against any of her Majestie’s loving subjects, or the subjects of any other princes or states being in good league and amity with her Majestie, but only against the subjects of the said King of Spaine, that then &c., or else &c.

Witnessed this seventh day of June in the year of our Lord fifteen hundred and eighty six.

William Fenner