Slave Prince Public Viewing 1691

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About Slave Prince Public Viewing 1691
Giolo of Miangas was a well tattooed prince from the royal family of Miangas, a small island off New Guinea. He was captured and taken to London to be sold as a slave by the William Dampier expedition in the Defense. He was advertised for sale in this printed broadsheet.

slave prince public viewing

Below is the text of Slave Prince Public Viewing 1691.

Public Viewing of
South Seas Prince

This admirable person is about the Age of Thirty, graceful, and well proportioned in all his Limbs, extreamely modest and civil, neat and cleanly ; but his Language is not understood, neither can he speak English.

He will be exposed to publick view every day (during his stay in Town) at his Lodgings at the Blew Boars-head in Fleetstreet, near Water-Lane : Where he will continue for some time, if his health will permit.

But if any Persons of Quality, Gentleman or ladies, do so desire to see this noble Person, at their own Houses, or any other convenient place, in or about this City of London, they are desired to send timely notice and he will be ready to waite upon them in a Coach or Chair, any time they please to appoint, if in the daytime.

Printed at Gilmore & Sons Ltd. Wapping, England