Ship’s Stores 1708


hardtack barrels 315w

Partial list of stores loaded aboard an English privateer at the Irish provisioning port of Kinsale.

Ship’s Stores

four Barrells of Beefe
four Hogsheads of Pork
eighty two ferkins of Butter
six hundred weight of Cheese
Eighteen Butts of Beere
three Boxes of Soape
Fourteen Boxes of Candles
Twelve Barrells of Oatmeale
Three Hogsheads of Vinegar
Six Pieces of Canvas for Hammocks
Fourty Beds
Fourty Pillows
Fourty Rugs
Fifty Red Coats
one hundred and fifty Capps
Four Casks of Tallow
Six hors hydes
three Sole Leather hydes
one earthen Oven
Twelve dozen Stockings
One hundred weight of Corke