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Thanks for the last letter of marque. It was a hit! I’d like to do two more. Do you still have the olde paper to do them?
Thanks, Jason


Dear Captain Conch, Just  received my copy of the Letter of Marque for the Prince of Nuefechatel. It looks Great!! The red seals make it look authentic  and it really looks 206 years old. Thanks for adding “Builder Noah Brown” to the letter.  That makes this letter an instant historic family treasure. Thanks for your help with this custom document and want to say how much I love the document.

Ray Brown
Great great grandson of Noah Brown

You do Awesome work. Thank you very kindly.

I teach without using textbooks or even chairs and desks. Most of what I do is hands on history and in costume as much as possible. It’s people like you that make my job easier to pull off… and more interesting for me and the students alike. Thank you also for the tokens. I have some very happy kids, thanks to you.

I look forward to doing more business with you in the future. Keep up the good work.

sir walter raleigh 550wAhoy Captain!
Received the Sir Walter Raleigh’s Letter of Reprisal. It was absolutely awesome and a master piece. Really pleased and much love on the details of the work so much. The paper looks like an historical piece as well. Not regrets and definitely will make my second order soon. Thank you so much.Regards,Paul Henry
I wanted to write a quick thank you, and let you know that I’ve been referring to your website in putting together a pirate-centered lesson plan for my 5th graders!
All the best,Aubrey Burke
Baltimore, MD
an_gift42When I got my order for “Pirate Hanged” I was so impressed, I decided to get all my friends different docs this Christmas. These handsomely framed letters are instant conversation starters at parties and the option to personalize makes them truly one-of-a-kind gifts. Another Ed Hardy shirt or Keep Calm poster? YAAAAWN!And when young kids ask what a “Letter of Reprisal” is, the answer will no doubt lead to another question, and then another, helping launch the young imagination into a lifetime of exploring history! It’s one thing to read about pirates, it’s another to see a relic from the Age of Sail, the Age of wooden ships and iron men in all its romance and grit!Shawn
Brooklyn, NY
Thank you for having such a useful resource available. A young member of our library and I came across your pirate documents web site while we were searching for resources for her to learn more about Pirates, a subject that she is currently very interested in. Our books on the subject aren’t enough to feed her interest so together we’ve been looking online. Your web site’s page has wonderful pirate resources and I know that she’s going to get a lot out of the page.

Laramie Public Library

Ahoy Cap’n,broadway bldg 800w 90kI received the custom History of 927 Broadway document and love your work…beautiful job! I have it posted on the New York House Histories website:–bronze-plaque.html

Kind regards,

Hey Captain, The paper…WOW! I am so pleased. It really does look 100 yrs old!

Fort Worth, TX

marriage license 1800 gr 550wI ordered a marriage license and it came today. It was EVERYTHING I had hoped for and more. I got it quickly, it was packaged nicely. I was worried that the frame would be cheap. It was NOT cheap. The frame, the paper, the printing, everything look wonderful. Its a great package. I’d suggest using them anytime. I’d have written this review with or without the offer of the jolly roger flag. BUT, you can send it to me anyway.

Greg Lindeberg,
Forest Lake, MN

henry morgan gr 550wAhoy Captain,
Very nice document. So many reproduction documents are simply mass printed on ersatz parchment. The individual craftsmanship from the aging to the seals really makes a difference. I saw a photo of one of your reproduction Morgan Letters of Marque on page 121 of The Illustrated Pirate Diaries edited by Terry Breverton and wanted one for my collection. Glad I found your website. Cheers,Jim
(aka. Capt. Shipwreck)
Just got home from vacation and found the package; its beautiful; I’ll be giving it to my wife next month for our 23rd wedding anniversary…the paper is awesome.I’ll be back to order one of the old Virginia indentured servant certificates. Thanks again…..

BK Morgan
Virginia Beach

broadside 237wGreat, authentic looking document. This letter of marque will either get me in trouble or save the day during the Battle of Lake Erie re-enactment in September.Thanks Cap’n

Carl Juchem

It is wonderful, and my husband, who collects pirate things, thinks it’s great too! Thanks so much!

Brenda Francis

vampire-hunter 600wThank you Captain!, and thanks to for my appointment as Vampire Hunter and you thoughtful historical perspectives thus far. Signed by President Lincoln’s dated the day before his death… As a soldier, here in the Land of Monsters, on a quest devoted to historical perspectives in vampire slaying. I am reminded of my favorite quote in the 2012 film about Lincoln Vampire hunting escapades , “I shall kill them all.” Thanks again for this awesomely fictional accuracy!!!

E. McDowell
Las Vegas, NV

Ahoy, Captain Conch!Package arrived last high tide’ afternoon. Sailed’ ou’ t’ dinner wi’ th’ named Seafarin’ heartys, they really liked th’ document. Be orderin’ more soon :)My fathers autobiography in photos an’ his own words:
Song at th’ end be by C.W. Colt a long time Key West fixture.Best regards matey,Gary Kilbride,
Captain of the S/V Brigand2
calico jack 200hJust received the docs.. postman delivered to a neighbor, as i must have been out, so have no long they were there but all good..They’re fantastic !!! amazing work- thank you so much. will look amazing on our ship when she’s ready – will send you photos etc at the time. Many, many thanks.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Duly impressed!
What a great product. Excellent frame too.Thanks captain.
Jim Shel Pirate AttireAhoy Captain,Sea Shel here with a treasure chest of compliments for ye documents. Captain Jim’s Letter of Marque was perfect. I’ll be sending a message in a bottle to all scallywags and wenches we know to praise your skills.Fair Winds,Shelby “Sea Shel”

Captain Jim & Crew

Captain,I received the Letters of Marque yesterday and they look fantastic! Thank you so much for a truly great and unique gift, not to mention getting it delivered within 72 hrs was amazing.Several of my friends are already looking at your other works as future gift ideas.
Thank you again, have a great holiday.Joseph R Piselli Jr
Niagra Falls, NY
capt stingray 550wAhoy Capt’n Conch, Arrrrrr!
T’ day me spied with me one crooked eye me personalized document ye sent me for the crew of me ship, Articles for the Crew of the Bandido. Shiver me timbers! The quality is bloody fantastic! Thanks for keeping to The Code mate! Will be ordering more soon!Captain Ray Nieves
alias StingRay
Brooklyn, NY
I recently got Captain John Phillip’s Articles for the crew of the Revenge, back from the framers. The document is a wonderful piece of art! Very well done! I’d almost believe it had washed up in a bottle. It’s well aged and yet preserved! Nice touch with the wax insignia and seal!Thank You for doing such cool stuff!!I’ve been doing genealogy for years and traced my heritage back to Virginia in the 1700’s One great great…..grandfather was John Rose Archer. Served on the Queen Anne’s Revenge with Blackbeard. Tried as a Pirate, found guilty and hanged.Then he was buried in the marsh beneath the low water mark!Great Grandpa was a Phillips. When I started looking into my anancestryn 1979 my great grandmother told me “You stop that right now young lady! There’s NOTHING good to be found by stirring that pot” (yeah, THAT worked like gasoline on a match) Turns out our Phillips line goes back to Virginia 1700 as well.Phillips married Archer in Virginia somewhere down the road to add to the confusion.Could these be the Articles of another Pirate Grandfather? Who knows? They’re going to be a gift to my brother…a current Captain Phillips!Brandy
Depoe Bay, OR
riches honor gr 550wAye Mate!
Me crew has received our Riches & Honour” document and are darned pleased with ye product. First we had to find someone to read it to the crew as we aren’t a literate bunch. It looks very authentic and I’ll be ordering a more customized version soon. We’ll be adding this document with our display at the 32nd Annual Norfolk Harborfest held on the Norfolk, VA waterfront June 6 – 8. We’ll be sure to capture a picture or two to send you as we’ll be hanging your document in our Goose & Bull Tavern at this event.Visit the Moody Crewe at moodycrewe.comRobert, Bos’n
Nautical Acquisition & Redistribution Specialist
The Moody Crewe
It arrived today I am incredibly satisfied with your work.

Canoga Park, Calif

blackbeard raids charleston fr 326wAhoy Maties!
I am very pleased with the quality and presentation of the Pirate documents. I have purchase “About Blackbeard Raids Charleston 1718” and just recently purchased “About Henry Morgan’s Letter of Marque”. Both came in perfect condition. There is nothing like these document on-line or in stores. The hand-made paper, seal and notary looks very authentic. The smallest details that I really appreciate the most is using the same frames so if you purchase one 3 years ago and one today, they look like they were purchased at the same time. I have a great passion for the pirate life and these articles just enhanced my collection. I highly recommend buying these documents to all land lover and scallywags alike.Thanks for making a great product, capt’n.Chris Watson
Deerfield Beach, Florida 33442
pirate diaries 350wThe document arrived this morning. It is amazing. The editor that works here would love to be able to use this document in a book that we are preparing on Pirate Diaries. It’s all about the life and times of a pirate in the 17th century written by Terry Breverton who has written books before on the subject. This book will be very illustrated though. Would that be possible? We would of course acknowledge your site as the owner of the document even though it is a replica.

Veneta B.
London, England

I received my order today- and it is perfect and wonderful! I love it! It is going to make the best gift ever! Absolutely perfect! Thanks so much!Danika J Fornear
Ketchikan, AK
jeff madl 200wAhoy mate!
Are ye still attempting to commit pyracy without proper writ papers?
Is yer crew still brawlin cuz ye still hav’t writ a proper article of conduct?
Are ye still a rogue without proper letter of marque?
Or perhaps’n ye have sank a pyrate ship or Man O War and wish’t ye can inform the town of yer doin’s?
Then ye be need’n to git yer self to Pirate Documents and git yer papers writ by the only Official Forger on the seven seas worth spendin yer booty on. The prices be right an won’t git plundered at, ye may even leave with a shilling and sixpence fer a tankard o ale when yer done!
So what ye be waitin fer? Heave ahead and get yer forged papers now else Captain Mad L, that’s me, will turn this ship about and open fire sendin ye to the depths of Davey Jones’ locker I will!Captain Jeffery MadL
aka Blackheart Kraven MadL, scruge of seas
Pasadena, California
ann bonny mary read fr 332w
Just wanted to let you know… everything arrived just fine. I bought this for my girlfiend’s dad – he wrote a novel about Anne Bonny, called “Anne Bonny, tale of a lady pirate.” He will be so thrilled with the gift.
Thank you.
Arrrgh, m’lad!

Capt. Welby

marriage license 1800 gr 550w


The wedding document was excellent and will take pride of place on our wall once it has been framed. We really like the skull sealing wax as a finishing touch. Thank you once again for your speed of return. Good luck with unique business.
~A. Gibbon.
Beverley, UK

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