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When you cruise over this great collection of historic documents you’re sure to start imagining what it was like in those long gone days where your Letter of Marque was the only chance you had at gaining riches and the only thing saving you from the gallows and being hung as a pirate.

Now you can select any document from this collection and personalize it how ever you like. Many nautical enthusiasts order them and hang them in their office or in their yachts.

Look through our Full Collection to find a document you like. All documents can be ordered in their historic form. You can even create your own. They make a unique gift for those who are hard to shop for. I guarantee you they don’t have anything like this. I can make a realistic document for any event or ocassion. Contact Us

Customize any document. It doesn’t have to be in the collection. Simply email me your text and I’ll transform it using an appropriate font for that period of history. When it’s formatted I’ll email you a copy for your to approval. If you like it I’ll then print it on my hand-crafted Olde Paper©, add an authentic seal or two, roll it up and mail it to you in just a day or two.

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Below is an example of how you can personalize Captain Kidd’s Letter or Marquee.
The names in red are the names you can change.
You can change what you’d like or get the document in historic form.


Frame Your Document

I will mount your document on black, in an oversized wooden frame with a glass front so you can properly display your museum quality document. Framing


Got a love poem or a memorable story that you want to treat special? Email it to me and I’ll print it on our unique hand made Olde Paper© in a classy font.

~No one else offers anything like these old documents~
~No one else has our hand crafted paper to print them on~
~No one else has printers that are able to print torn and wrinkled paper~
~The most unique gift idea from days past~
~Certificates for clubs, groups, teams, weddings, awards, diplomas, treasure maps, memorials, etc~
~Add your own photo to a document along with words of your own choosing or some of ours~
~Choose your own font or I’ll choose it for you based on the time period of the document. Font Samples
~Use your imagination to customize a document or select from our great collection~
~No two documents are alike. Everyone is an original and dated by hand on the back~

Fonts (Font Samples)

Old fonts. I have a great library of old fonts from the 13th century all the way through the Art Deco period. I will use the appropriate font on your document to make it look museum quality. The black ink used will be slightly faded. I’ll then personalize the names you choose, format, print, affix and apply the wax and embossed seals and mail it to you, usually, within 24 hours, neatly rolled and tied with a cloth ribbon. The ribbon is Royal Admiralty blue and gold–traditional colors of the navy.


DISCLAIMER: These documents are so realistic that they must be used for amusement purposes only. Most document text has been edited for clarity. Documents have been reduced in size from the very large originals written on vellum made from the skin of a calf.

I hope you enjow looking through my collection as much as I enjoy collecting.
~Captain Conch

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