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The Legend of Doctor Faustus

Doctor Faustus gave him this answer, though faintly (for his soul’s sake), that his request was none other but to become a devil, or at the least a limb of him, and that the spirit should agree unto these articles as followeth.

1 That he might be a spirit in shape and quality.
2 That Mephistopheles should be his servant and at his commandment.
3 That Mephistopheles should bring him anything, and do for him whatsoever.
4 That at all times he should be in his house, invisible to all men except only to himself, and at his command­ment to show himself.
5 Lastly, that Mephistopheles should at all times ap­pear at his command, in what form or shape soever he would.

Upon these points the spirit answered Doctor Faustus that all this should be granted him and fulfilled and more if he would agree unto him upon certain articles as followeth.

First, that Doctor Faustus should give himself to his Lord Lucifer, body and soul. Secondly, for confirmation of the same he should make him a writing, written with his own blood.
Thirdly, that he would be an enemy to all Christian people.
Fourthly, that he would deny his Christian belief.
Fifthly, that he let not any man change his opinion, if so be any man should go about to dissuade or withdraw him from it.

Further, the spirit promised Faustus to give him certain years to live in health and pleasure, and when such years were expired that then Faustus should be fetched away; and if he should hold these articles and conditions that then he should have all whatsoever his heart would wish or desire; and that Faustus should quickly perceive him­self to be a spirit in all manner of actions whatsoever. Hereupon Doctor Faustus’ mind was so inflamed that he forgot his soul and promised Mephistopheles to hold all things as he had mentioned.devil head rotate

Below is the text of Pact with the Devil 1269.

Pact with the Devil 1269

To all who shall read this open letter.
I, Satan, let know that the fortune of Theophilus is changed indeed.
And that he has done me homage, so might he have once more his lordship.
And with the ring of his finger he has sealed this letter and with his blood written it.
And no other ink has used therin.
~ After the legend of Faust according to Le Miracle de Theopile