Olde Paper


About Olde Paper©

I’ve been hand-crafting Olde Paper© Since 1998. The thing that makes these documents superb is the Olde paper©. It has the look and feel of the real thing. It is even cracked along the edges like a dried out leaf of a book.

I’ve studied many old documents so I could attempt to duplicate the cracks, creases, staining and tears and make my paper look and feel like an authentic ancient document. You’ll agree.

No two sheets are alike.

I wanted to print all these documents I’ve collected over the years, but the paper was the hardest thing to get. The commercial parchment I’ve seen looks too phony and the other people selling hand worked paper were worse. It all looked awful. The only really good looking paper is the stuff I craft.

shop 550w

The paper is prepared in my studio, which takes a lot of time and is a real mess. I’ve looked at a lot of ancient papers and documents to see where they crack, wrinkle, tear and smudge. Every effort is made to duplicate that look so your document will look like the real thing. Everyone will be fooled when they see your name on an historic document.

These documents are only meant for amusement purposes.

I used to be a forger, but in the wee hours of night on September 11, 2001 I woke up in fear that I had made one of the terrorists’ identity cards! I rushed to my computer and broke every link with my data base that had anything to do with forgery. It was scary. So now I only make old documents and you’d have to be over a hundred years old to be able to use one of them for identification.

These documents are copied from the original letters

Many of them are translated from Latin
Others have been translated from Old English
(which is just about as hard to translate as the Latin was!)

I’ve changed some of the wording for clarity, and edited some of the language for space and format.
I have tried to be as faithful to the originals a possible.

book pages turn

To get the really old and used-up look the paper is first folded, banged and slammed and generally abused until it looks very worn and tired.

Then tiny tears are strategically placed around the edges so it will look like old paper does when it gets brittle and cracked. I’ve studied old books and manuscripts so we could imitate the aging process for my Olde Paper©. The idea is to make it look like it was a long lost document that had been neglected by carelessness and time.

Next comes crinkling and flattening-out. Some of them rip and can’t be used. I only can make 30 sheets at a time and I loose some of those in the wrinkle process and more in the cooking process. The processing set up isn’t very efficient. This is definitely an artisan thing.

After that the hanging paper is soaked under heat in a mixture of different leaves, organics and other stuff. Soaking is the worst part of the process because more of the sheets fall apart or tear when they’re wet and taken out of the bath and separated.

Last comes the drying. Each fragile paper is set in the sun to dry and get crisp (they’re usually blown all over the yard when the wind comes up).

paper press 550wWhen dried they are further flattened and pressed in the document press I made. They stay under pressure for about six months to a year. The effect is that the paper looks like it was pressed within the pages of a book or under a pile of old ledgers that have long since been forgotten.

sun-glasses 90hTip: Like any old document ours should be kept away from direct sunlight to reduce FADING
Sunlight is the bane of all old documents.


frame shutter 100h The coolest thing that you can do with your document is to display it framed and under glass; preferably with a black background in an over-sized frame. They will look much more realistic when you use an over-sized frame. Click Framing and see what your finished framed document will look like. (Documents are no longer for sale)