Naval Battle England vs Spain 1709

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About Naval Battle England vs Spain 1709
Report to Admiralty of a fierce Battle between Marquess and Duke who engaged the Spanish ship Nuestra Senora de la Encarnacion Disengano. To defend herself the Disengano hung barrels of gun powder from each yardarm to prevent being boarded. The battle lasted three hours. Not knowing she surrendered a third British ship came up and fired on her.



galleon400wBelow is the text of Naval Battle 1709.

Naval Battle 1709

Marquess and Duke engage the Spanish Ship Nuestra Senora de la Encarnacion Disengano

The enemy fired her Stern Chase upon us first which we return’d with our Fore chase several times, till we came nearer, and when close aboard each other, we gave her several Broadsides, plying our Small arms very briskly, which they return’d as a thick a while but did not ply their great Guns half as fast as we. After some time we shot a little ahead of them, lay thwart her Hawse close aboard, and plyed them so warmly that she soon struck her colours two thirds down. By this time the Dutchess came up, and fired about 5 Guns with a volley of Small Shot, but the Enemy having submitted, made no Return.