Captain John Couper 1586

Letter of Reprisal

About Captain John Couper 1586
This is a Letter of Reprisal good for three months to John Couper to arm a private warship and take ₤1100 from a Spanish ship that was last seen around Padstow, England.

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Below is the text of Captain John Couper 1586.

Letter of Reprisal

John Couper, greetings &c., &c.
The condition of this recognizance is such that, where the above bound Captain John Couper is by the Lords of her Majestie’s Privie Councell allowed the sum of eleven hyndred poundes sterling in recompense of his goods lately stayed on board the Bridgett of Southampton at St. Sebastain’s in Spaine, by the Kinge’s order there, and ordered to receive the same upon a shippe and goodes lately putt into Padstow or thereabouts, belonging, (as it is pretended), to the King of Spaine’s subjects.
If therefore, the said Captain John Couper, his heires, executors, administrators, and assignes, and every one of them, be from hence further answerable for, and satisfy and pay into, the high court of Admiraltie the value and price of the same goodes, according to appraisement thereof, to be made by the authoritie of the said court of Admiraltie, or so much thereof as shall come to the hands of him or his assignes, if any lawful suit or claim shall be made hereafter by any French man, or other stranger whosoever, or upon any general order which shall be taken between her Majestie and the said King of Spaine to change these arrests on both sides, and do discharge, save, and keep harmless, her Highness, and the now Lord Admiral, the judge of this court, and other officers of the same for the said goodes against the abovesaid King, and his subjects, and such other as make lawful claim to the same hereafter.
And do bring and exhibited, into this court a just and true inventory with the appraisement of the said goodes between this and the first of June next coming, that then this recognizance to be void and of no force, or else to remain in full power and virtue.
Witnessed this sixth daye of March in the year of our Lord fifteen hundred and eighty six.

J. Couper.