Exorcism for the Undead




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Exorcism for the Undead

Unclean Spirit! Whoever you are, and all your companions who possess this servant of God. By the mysteries of the Incarnation, the Sufferings and Death, the Resurrection, and the Ascension of Our Lord Jesus Christ; by the sending of the Holy Spirit; and by the Coming of Our Lord into Last Judgment, I command you: Tell me, with some sign, your name, the day and the hour of your damnation. Obey me in everything, although I am an unworthy servant of God.

Do no damage to this creature or to my assistants, or to any of their goods.

I exorcise you, Most Unclean Spirit! Undead Enemy of God! All Spirits! Every one of you! In the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ: Be uprooted and expelled from this Creature of God.

God, Creator and Defender of the living; you who made man in your own image: Look on this, your servant who is assaulted by the cunning of the unclean spirit. The primeval adversary, the ancient enemy of Earth, Repel, 0 Lord, the power of this Unclean Spirit! May the undead temptor take flight. May your servant be protected in soul and body by the sign of your name.

Get out! Offender! Get out! Seducer! Unholy spawn of Alan-buk! Full of guile and falseness! Enemy of virtue! Persecutor of the Innocents! Give way, most despicable being! Fear and take flight at the name of Our Lord whom the powers of Hell fear.

We pray you, all-powerful God, that Evil Spirit have no more power over this servant of yours, but that it flee and not come back. Death is your lot, Impious One! And for your coven there is an endless death. For you and for your acolytes the unquenchable flame is prepared, because you are the Prince of cursed homicides, the author of incest, the head of all the sacrilegious, master of the most evil actions, the teacher of heretics, the inventor of all obscenity. Go out, therefore, Impious one. Go out + Criminal! Go out with all your falsehoods! God has willed man to be his temple. Why linger any longer here?

Leave therefore now Go away Seducer! The desert is your home. The serpent is your dwelling. Behold the victorious Lord is near and quick. The fire is burning before him and devours all his enemies. For, even though you have deceived men, you cannot make a mockery of God. From his eyes nothing is hidden: he has ejected you. All things are subject to his power: He has expelled you. The living and the dead and the undead will be judged by him with complete discernment: He has prepared Hell for you and your undead filth.

We exorcise you, each undead spirit, each power of Satan, each infestation of the Enemy from Hell.

Accursed Serpent, and all the power of Satan! We enjoin you under penalty, through the living God , through the true God, through the holy God, that only those who believe in him shall have eternal life.