Calico Jack’s Trial 1721

Admiralty Report

calico jacks charges fr 326w


Below is the text of Calico Jack’s Trial 1721.

Charges of Piracy against Calico Jack and his Crew

The Prisoners that are charged are as follows :

The Captain of the pirate ship is John Rackman alias “Calico Jack .”

The crew of the same pirate ship are :
George Featherston, John Davies, Thomas Bourn, James Dobbins, Thomas Earl, Richard Corner, John Howell, Noah Harwood, Patrick Carty, John Fenwick.

The four charges against the prisioners are as follows :

  1. That they “did piratically, feloniously, and in an hostile manner, attack, engage, and take, seven certain fishing boats” and that they assulted the fisherman and stole their fishing boats” and that they assulted the fisherman and stole their fish and fishing tackle.
  1. That they did “upon the high seas, in a certain place, distance about three leagues from the island of Hispaniola…set upon, shoot at, and take, two certain merchant sloops,” and did assault James Dobbin and other mariners.
  1. That on the high sea about five leagues from Port Maria Bay in the island of Jamaica they did shoot at and take a schooner commanded by Thomas Spenlow and put Spenlow and other mariners “in corporeal fear of their lives.”
  1. That about one league from Dry Harbour Bay, Jamaica, they did board and enter a merchant sloop called Mary, commanded by Thomas Dillon, and did steal and carry away the sloop and her tackle.

November 16, 1721

Spainish Town, Jaimica