Blackbeard Raids Charleston 1718

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Blackbeard Q&A Test your knowledge of Blackbeard
1. What was Blackbeard’s real name? Edward Teach (Thatch, Tache, Tatch)
2. Where was he born? Jamaica
3. How many times was Blackbeard married? 14
4. What is the “Jolly Roger”? The skull and crossbones pirate flag
5. What did Blackbeard want from Charleston in 1718? Medicine (mercury)
6. What was Charleston’s valuable export? Rice
7. Name two types of weapons pirates used. Cannon, blunderbuss, pistol, cutlass, knife, grappling hook, boarding ax
8. When and where was the wreckage of a ship thought to be Blackbeard’s Queen Anne’s Revenge found? Beaufort Inlet, NC in 1997
9. What artifacts have been recovered from the ship? Bell, blunderbuss, lead sounding weight
10. While a resident of Bath, North Carolina, Blackbeard received a pardon from the governor of North Carolina. What was the governor’s name? Charles Eden
11. The governor of Virginia decided that Blackbeard needed to be stopped. What was the Virginia governor’s name? Alexander Spottswood
12. Who was the Royal Navy sailor who killed Blackbeard and cut off his head? A Highlander (possibly named Demelt)
13. Where did Blackbeard’s final battle take place? Ocracoke Inlet, NC

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About Blackbeard Raids Charleston 1718
In 1718 Blackbeard raided Charleston, South Carolina. He sailed up to the harbor bar in the Queen Anne’s Revenge, accompanied by three pirate sloops. For five days he blockaded the harbor, plundered any ships which came his way, and held the town to ransom.

Below is the text of Blackbeard Raids Charleston 1718.

Blackbeard Raids Charleston 1718

“…appeared in sight of the town, took our pilot boat and afterwards 8 or 9 sail with several of the best inhabitants of this place on board and then sent me word if I did not immediately send them a chest of medicines they would put every prisoner to death, which for their sakes being complied with after plundering them of all they had were sent ashore almost naked. This company is commanded by one Teach alias Blackbeard has a ship of 40 odd guns under him and 3 sloops tenders besides and are in all above 400 men.”