Authentic Seals

All documents are enhanced with blood red sealing wax  impressed with our great seal.

And a circular embossed seal of our port.
Documents are printed on Olde Paper© to look ancient and fool your friends.

The sealing wax used is imported from Scotland.
Different seals are used to compliment the appropriate documents

The Crown seal is used on most Admiralty Reports and Letters of Marque and Reprisal


The skull and crossbones seal is used on Articles


This embossed seal was the actual seal used for over a hundred years at the
Port of Key West and is embossed on most documents


The Cinque Ports seal is used on many English documents as the Cinque Ports were medieval confederation of English Channel ports in southeastern England, formed to furnish ships and men for the king’s service. To the original five ports—Sandwich, Dover, Hythe, New Romney, and Hastings—were later added the “ancient towns” of Winchelsea and Rye with the privileges of “head ports.”
More than 30 other towns in the counties of Kent and Sussex were also attached.


The pentagram seal is used on the Pacts with the Devil documents