Anti-Pirate Fleet 1404 

Letter of Marque

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About Anti-Pirate Fleet 1404
This License was issued to Henry Payne by King Henry IV allowing him to form press gangs to kidnap enough men as crews for his new fleet of war ships (which he paid for himself); and then to sail his fleet against any enemies of the King or those loyal to him.

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Below is the text of Anti-Pirate Fleet 1404.

Letter of Marque

The King to all and singular Admirals, captains, castellans, and to their lieutenants, and to keepers of ports of the sea and other maritime places, and to majors, bailiffs, constables, provosts, and officers, and to masters and owners of ships, and mariners, and also to victuallers of ships, and to all other our lieges and subjects, whether on land or at sea, liberties or without, to whom these presents may come, Greeting.

Know ye that we have granted and given leave to our well-beloved
Henry Payne to sail and to pass to the seas with as many ships, barges, and balingers of war, men-at-arms and bowman properly equipped, as he may be able to provide himself with, to do all the hurt he can do to our open enemies, as well for their destruction as for the safe guarding and defence of our faithful leiges, and for the safety of our realm. And therefore we command you, and each of you, that you supply the said Henry with ships, barges, and balingers, victuals, and all other things necessary and useful to him in our behalf, he paying for the same as shall be reasonably agreed between you and him; and that you be aiding, advising, and assisting to him, Henry , in the performance and execution of the premises, as beseems you.

In witness, &c. These presents to endure according to our pleasure.
Witness the King, &c.