Admiralty Reports

Admiralty Reports is an exciting collection of miscellaneous maritime documents covering a wide range of nautical and historical events from pirates’ trials, hangings, battles and the beheading of a King.


Ann Bonny and Mary Read’s Trial 1721

They wrote the book on women’s issues! “…only two of the pirates had put up any fight and they had fought like wildcats.” Their sentence was to be “severely hanged by the neck till you are severely dead.”

Bartholomew Roberts Plunders the Samuel 1720

A drunken orgy of ‘Black Bart’ plundering a merchantman.

Bartholomew Roberts Death 1722

An exciting account of the last battle from a report made at the trial of the remaining pirates.

Beheading King Charles I 1649

The King knelt; Hulet moved the King’s hair out of the way, a flash of light on the ax head, the axe descended smoothly, the King was dead. The head was always held aloft so the crowd could be sure the intended was indeed beheaded. Sergeant Hulet held the head high by its long hair and cried, “Here is the head of a Traitor.” Inexperience made him drop the head which thudded to the boards.

Blackbeard Raids Charleston 1718

His fleet blockaded the harbor for five days and plundered all the ships.

Blackbeard’s Death 1718

Heavy duty reporting. A stirring account of the famous pirate’s demise in his last battle.

Blackbeard’s History 1680-1718

The fiercest pirate who ever lived. Plundering from Trinidad to Maine.

Broadside by French Pirate LaBouse 1717

The most devastating effect of naval warfare was the broadside. This was rarely used by pirates because they did not want to damage a potential prize, but they had no hesitation in firing a broadside if they needed to blast a victim into submission.

Broadside Fired 1592

A true account of the sea battle between the HMS Guardland and the Turkish Man-o-War Black Bull who wouldn’t strike her colors in respect to the Queen’s authority of the Seas.

Calico Jack’s Trial 1721

The charges against Calico Jack Rackman and his crew at trial in Spanish Town, Jamaica in 1721 This is a very good document to personalize if you have a Business Group, Sports Team, Scout Troop, Class or Club because you can substitute up to ten names for the crew that is listed in the document.

Captain George Lowther Plunders the Slaver 1723

Report of the pirate George Lowther plundering the Princess Galley off the west coast of Africa.

Enemy Wine Seized 1225

We took the wine because “..they were in hostility to us.”

Marooned Man Found 1708

Alexander Selkirk was marooned for four years and four months. He was the inspiration for Daniel DeFoe’s book Robinson Crusoe.

Marooned Padre 1708

A happy Padre was marooned with a young female negro.

Marooning Report 1703

Report of marooning Samuel Huxford in the Cape Verde Islands where he died within three months.

Mutineers Turn Pirates 1705

Mutineers choose sides and strip ship.

Naval Battle England v Spain 1709

Report of battle at sea by three English Naval Ships against a Spanish Galleon.

Pirate Hanged 1228

See also, Captain Kidd and Ann Bonny for hanging. This is almost the only record of hanging for piracy before the sixteenth century. “…confessed after inquisition.” (Joke: Wench says, “I know he was hung; but how’d he die?”)

Pirate Pardoned 1346

Serve the King or hang! This pirate is pardoned because he volunteered his war ship for the King’s service. He didn’t have a choice.

Pirates Sentenced to Hang 1722

Fifty-two men were hanged in batches at intervals throughout the month of April. There bodies were then wrapped in chains and hung in public view until they rotted.  “…to be hanged by the neck, till you are dead, dead, dead.”

Pirate Treasure 1611

Sentence condemning the captain of the HMS Advantage in the value of the gold captured by him from a pirate who captured it from a Frenchman.

Poor Conditions on Pirate Ship 1710

A brief report of the poor conditions of the three ships that captured the Manila Galleon.

Ship Surgeon Amputates 1703

Report of on board surgery after a battle.

Ships’ Stores 1708

Partial list of the ships stores for a privateer.

Spanish Treasure Galleon 1709

Three English privateers fire 500 six-pound cannon balls and get beaten badly by the superior Spanish Ship.